9 thoughts on “Bernie maybe has jumped the shark

  1. If Hillary wins the nomination, then that's like a monarchy? Bernie, electing a leader by a vote of the people is exactly the opposite of a monarchy. Please stop talking.

  2. Pretty rich from a guy who had to be yelled at by Rachel Maddow on National TV before he started supporting down ticket nominees.

    1. And the only down-ballot candidate he has gone out of his way to endorse is the one running against Debbie Wasserman Schultz, which shows he is more concerned with his own agenda than with party strategy, since if he really cared about his "revolution," he'd work hard to get GOP congressional seats replaced with Democrats, rather than switching out one democratic rep for another.

      If that's how he makes decisions now then what sort of reasoning would he bring to the presidency.

  3. It's going to take every bit of my willpower to not break out a million copypastas I have saved up to make fun of this guy on June 7. He's completely lost my respect at this point.

    1. Same here. I SO wanted to respect him, but it's like he's taken off a mask and we have seen what's really on underneath and it's, shall we say, disappointing.

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