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    1. I may be here for that after the CA polls close, or I may go to a victory party that is being held by the group of Hillary supporters with whom I'm volunteering. If I don't check in, have fun, everyone!

    1. THANK YOU! I will do what I can to beg and plead with voters to get them out…

      …the silver lining being that a lot of Hillary voters have already voted by mail, so that might help…

  1. "Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright; the band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light, and somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout; but there is no joy in Broville , now that Bernie has struck out.

    1. I'm saving some for tomorrow too for that reason. I love that gif so much though, I think I first saw it on ytmnd.

      1. Oddly, there's not as many good ones of Hills out there as there were of Barry. That may start to change, though.

        1. I looked some things up from back then and everything I found then and most now for Hillary is negative. Hopefully that changes as we get our side rallying behind her. Maybe the need to counter all the Trump memes will give us a boost!

          1. I have one pretty awesome Hillary/Trump meme that I'm saving for the right moment. Callyson seems to have a pretty good Hills stash. I hope she is around tomorrow night. Two gif parties in a row.

          2. I wish Cally would be here but I think she'll be doing a GOTV thing all day. We'll have to step our game up tomorrow!

            I'm glad we have a big stash for the general election, it's going to be a long 5 months.

          3. Hi honey!

            I was gone for most of today because I volunteered at Hillary's rally at Long Beach. I'll be gone for most of tomorrow for GOTV, but I'm with you good Wonkvillians in spirit!

          4. You'll have to tell us about the rally when you are back. We HAVE to know if you met her!!!!

          5. The rally was earlier today (I was at the Long Beach one) and sadly, I didn't get to meet her. But if I get roped into going back to my hometown (Pittsburgh in case you didn't already know) to make sure that TehRump doesn't get my home state FFS, maybe it will happen then!

    2. Since I'll be spending most of tomorrow begging and pleading with Golden State voters that they need to go vote anyway, post away!

    1. Dear Senator Sanders,

      You still have time to bow out gracefully (go ahead and wait until all the votes are cast, so your supporters have the opportunity to vote their conscience.) When you do so, you can rightly point out that you did much better than most people thought you would, and that you will now focus on using your supporters as a base for an organized movement to fix the problems that remain with Wall Street and money in politics and the like. This #TeamHillary would gladly support that movement, as would many others who are with Hillary.

      Signed with the hope that after you lick your wounds you will follow this advice, for the good of the nation–

      Callyson, of behalf of many #TeamHillary people

  2. As I said on Wonkette:


    Mind you, we Californians already knew that the get-out-the-vote drive was going to be hard in the evening, when New Jersey's polls closed. But now we will have to spend THE ENTIRE FUCKING DAY begging and pleading with voters that they still need to vote?

    Dammit, I want to be happy that my candidate won, but now my job tomorrow is going to be even harder than I thought FFS…

    But, since I see that most of the comments here are happy ones, I will read them and hope my mood improves. Gotta be chill for Hill!

    1. Cally, I didn't realize the GOTV stuff you were doing was with a Hillary volunteer group – and here I'd let you know about that rally over the weekend as if it would be news to you, lol.

      1. I have two campaign buttons that say, "Hill Yes!" love it. I also have a "Woman Card" from her campaign site. Awesome.

      2. Actually, I came up with it today at the rally–we had a few Bernie trolls yelling at the crowd that was at the gate, and I said that to them partly to make sure no fights broke out (no fights happened that I'm aware of) and partly to make sure that the combative side of myself didn't take over. I wanted to rip them a new one, but that would not be helpful for Hillary, so I just reminded myself that I would have the opportunity to let loose the next time I encounter a Deleted Commenter!

  3. From the NYT, for the disappointed members of #feelthebern, a good combination of [sympathy and logic]:

    Sanders Fans, I Get Your Pain. But Let’s Unite Against Trump.

    Senator Bernie Sanders’s role in this campaign has been valuable — he has introduced important issues and excited millions of new voters. Mr. Sanders has earned the right to compete in the remaining primary contests and stay in until the convention — as Mrs. Clinton did in 2008. But rules are rules, and the math is the math. Senator Sanders is not going to be the Democratic nominee. There’s staying in a race to cross the finish line with your head held high, and then there’s participating in or condoning language and actions that will damage the nominee and help Mr. Trump.

    So to all the Sanders staff members and supporters who are as hurt and dismayed as I was, who feel that their candidate is right and the opponent dead wrong, who want to keep fighting to the convention and beyond: I get it. I’ve been there (with Howard Dean and Bill Bradley as well). But please learn what I have learned and don’t let your anger get the best of you. The consequences of doing anything that will help Donald Trump win are catastrophic.


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