25 thoughts on “Oklahoma, that’s not OK

  1. OT: Today's Best Ever Spam:
    "thank ya thank you very much elvis"

    I swear, that is an actual cut and paste. Andy Kaufman is spamming Wonkville, fam.

  2. My how far technology has come. I have it on good authority that back in the day in Illinois one just kept their paper (no photo) driver's license in a tidy plastic sheath. Back behind the license, but clearly visible were it turned over, was a neatly folded $20. When stopped, you naturally handed over your license in its tidy clear plastic sheath. It returned a little lighter with an admonishment to watch your speed and drive carefully.

      1. They're fascists I tell ya.
        Hey, some of them were just in Vancouver, Canadiana…..sent photo of some giant plant about to eat a car.
        Will send.
        eta:also, they asked if they should try to smuggle in some morels. I asked that they not.

          1. We have our differences, but the important thing is that Karen knows we all still love her!

    1. Would you want to go to Oklahoma even if they weren't doing this? (I went there for a wedding when I was 16. Almost killed by tornadoes driving to Tulsa. Drove around Oral Roberts U, which is an abomination. Drove over to Norman to see the campus there, which was ugly in a different way from ORU. Never been back.)

      1. My grandma was from Oklahoma, so I can say no to that.

        It is one of the states in the way between here and the west, though… What's the least crazy plains state? Nebraska?

    1. Reading this comment has a whole new meaning to me now that we're expecting a heat wave starting Friday.

      1. I just looked for a NWS update to see the nighttime cooling………I think they said, "Fuck it"……….

          1. Between the blob just south, and the front from you, we might get some rain. Or at least lightning in the hills.

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