12 thoughts on “Norway has a military penguin, because they’re amazing

  1. An immigrant, no less! From (waaaaay) south of the border!

    And I hear new rank comes with an extra helping of herring. Time for C_R_Eature to enlist?

  2. I think they're overpromoting him. The Royal Welsh's |goat| was once.busted from lance corporal to fusilier. The USMC's bulldogs don't get high rank either, but they do keep |naming them after Smedley Butler|, despite Butler's writing "War Is A Racket". Trivia question: what's the connection between Smedley Butler and Warren Zevon?

      1. I once new a lass from Malaysia, who authored a tome on crusteacea…Her dad was from Prussia, or maybe from Russia? Her great aunt could be Anastasia.

    1. Okay. Fine
      Battle of Veracruz…………Woodrow Wilson/U.S. – Mexico Fuckery.
      ………..Five additional U.S. battleships and two cruisers had reached Veracruz during the hours of darkness and they carried with them Major Smedley Butler and his Marine Battalion……….
      Warren Zevon's album Excitable Boy features a track called "Veracruz" named after this event https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_occup

      1. Yep. Ever since I bought the album, I'd vaguely wondered what the hell that track was about. Only a couple of years ago did I think, well, there's google and wikipee now, I should really be bothered to find out. Now I vaguely wonder what it meant to Zevon.

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