17 thoughts on “Oh.Yeah, They Play Football On Thursday

        1. I'm good. I'm broke as hell and somehow, I'm enjoying it. Yay!

          If you ever need some bullshit pep talk about everything being ok, I'm your guy.

        1. I never stray too far (read: I'm watching you and I read all the comments HAHAHAHAHA) from Wonkville. I adore all of you and wish I could pop in more frequently.

  1. I watched the Chargers blow a lead last week because blowing leads is what the Chargers do best. In fact, Marmalard and his crew have blown a lead of 20 or more points three times in the past four years. No lead is secure in their hands, especially any lead involving an L.A. stadium vote.

    FFS, we have the Rams now (which some people are happy about for some reason)–enough! Keep the Chargers in San Diego where they belong. If the greedy owner isn't happy that the city isn't operating as his personal ATM, let him sell the team to someone who gives a flying fuck about it.

    1. I see a lot of my East Bay friends are getting all butthurt about their beloved Traitors wanting to leave. Again. I'd let 'em go and lock the door behind them. Let them bleed Vegas for awhile. I honestly don't give a shit, I quit giving a shit when the whiny millionaire players struck for moar dollars that their billionaire owners shook down the taxpayers to pay for.

  2. We’re not through with the Kaepernick takes yet. What if I told you Mitch Albom wrote one? What if I told you that he published it ON 9/11? How might you react?

    I'd have a reaction of some sort, but I can't top Drew's snark. Well done, Magary!

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