32 thoughts on “Cally’s B-Day Was the 15th, Yinz! Rilly!

  1. Aw, thanks everyone!

    Now, back to business:

    Satanists @ My Guys (come on, Steelers, don't blow it)

    …and FOX isn't running a competing game, what do you know about that?

    Seahawks @ Lambs (yes, I;ll go out on a limb and make that prediction)

    And on that note, I'm missing the live version as the polls have me freaking the fuck out so I'm phonebanking. I'll get what I hope are good highlights later, and I look forward to the nuclear war of the Midwest Vikings @ Packers game later tonight!

  2. You'd think I'd have an advantage, being in one of those earlier time zones, but nerp, late to the celebration. Enjoy Cally! As a gift to you, I promise to vote my fingers off for your gal.

        1. Schizophrenic Sox. Might win their division for the second time in the last 5 years, the other times, last place. Cautiously optimistic.

          1. Well, I spent most of my childhood summering in the Boston area, with a die-hard Sox fan grandfather who lived through DECADES of disappointment, so at this point I'm pleasantly surprised when they do well. To be a Sox fan is to suffer. Not as much as Cubs fans have suffered, though. Those guys are due their good season.

          2. Yeah, I started rooting for the sox in '78. My older brother in 1975. Grew up in NJ, my dad's family was from NE PA, where the sox had a farm team. His family was evenly split amongst Yankee and sox fans. My brother and I would be able to pick up the sox games, barely, on WTIC Hartford, 1080 AM. Gee, since I moved out west, they've won 3 world championships. I guess I'm a cooler. Have a BFF who's a Cubbie fan. I will be conflicted if they face off in the series this year.

            There was no curse for the sox, it's just that the Yawkeys and their heirs were lousy at managing a ballclub. New owners, and poof! Seems the Cubs have had a big change for the better in that department too.

  3. Dear Sam Bradford, I'm sorry I called you "Sad Badform" that one time. It wasn't very clever but, in my defense, you did look sad and displayed bad form. Please throw for a thousand thousand touchdowns tonight. The Vikings will need at least that many because half the defense is hurt. Thank you.

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