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  1. @calmesnyt

    It's hard to remember but before this election year, candidates for president did not freely call their rivals "liar"

  2. Trump sounds like a condescending scold. I dislike it when men talk in that tone. If he'd had my vote before he'd sure lost it in this debate.

  3. I love it how he gaslights all these women coming forward about his behavior and that he does it by interrupting Hillary. What an idiot.

  4. hahaha! Hillary causes the violence at his rallies? hahahahahaha. Does it ever occur to him to no say things that everyone will mock him for after the debate?

  5. Trump: People in Haiti hate the Clintons.

    Haiti: We're too mired in desperate poverty to hate. Also too the Clinton Foundation helps us. What do you do?

  6. Do you have a mental image of Trump sitting in his underwear, no shirt and black knee high socks sitting in front of the TV, hour after hour, getting progressively more cranked and refusing to look away…

    1. Bill Clinton is notorious for hanging around too long at parties and holding court on policy in people's kitchens when they really just want him to go home.

  7. Trump is so so Freudian. His subconscious is screaming at the world what he is really like by all the adjectives he describes her with: "Disrespectful" "Liar" "Horrible" "Cheater" "Crooked" etc.

  8. Trump also has no idea about how to conduct a modern war in the middle east, along with not knowing anything about strategy, international politics, Muslims, Arabs, Kurds…

  9. from 538:

    David Firestone 10:21 PM

    The debate is going to move on to standard debate subjects now, but it’s impossible to forget that a truly extraordinary moment just occurred, one that will become the signal clip from this debate and possibly this campaign. A candidate representing one of the two major parties refused to accept the outcome of an American election. Think of the implications of that: Not only does it risk civil violence on the part of supporters who will be similarly encourage to resist an election, but it undermines the most fundamental democratic institution on which the country is based. Imagine the reaction of countries struggling to achieve democracy when a candidate questions whether an American ideal is legitimate. The political system will survive Trump, but the cynicism and doubt sown tonight will take a long time to heal.

  10. also 538

    Julia Azari 10:22 PM

    When asked whether he would accept a Clinton victory in November, Trump’s ultimate response was, “I’ll keep you in suspense.” I don’t mean to editorialize here, but this is perhaps the most alarming thing I’ve heard a presidential candidate say on a debate stage. In some ways, this is almost as bad — or maybe worse — than Trump coming out and saying he wouldn’t accept a loss. There are two principles at stake beyond accepting the legitimacy of the election system. The first is being honest about one’s plans and stances. The American presidency is not the latest Tana French novel — leaders can’t keep the people in suspense. The second is that presidential candidates cannot cast themselves in the role of investigating elections. Trump can’t do this, Clinton can’t do this. The only answer is that evaluating the fairness of the election is up to the commissions that are appointed to do this, not to the candidates themselves. Regardless of your policy beliefs, this is not how democracy works.

  11. Is there even a studio audience? They're so quiet. That's so not Fox's style. They've clearly thrown Trump under the bus or they'd let the audience treat this like a saloon brawl.

  12. All we need to do is start a war that is once again fought only in Europe ,the ME., China, and Japan, and we'll once again be the top of the economic ladder.

  13. Interesting to watch Trump interact with his family onstage. Seems they've practiced how he acts with his female relatives.

  14. Twitter:

    Mary Heather Browne ‏@MaryHeatherB 4m4 minutes ago
    GREAT NEWS everyone we'll never have to watch Trump in a presidential debate again! We made it! #debatenight

  15. Twitter:

    Hillary ClintonVerified account ‏@HillaryClinton 8m8 minutes ago
    "Nobody respects women more than me." —Donald Trump earlier tonight

    "Such a nasty woman." —Donald Trump just now #DebateNight

  16. @Taniel

    .@KellyannePolls on CNN: "we're going to accept the result of the election because we're going to win the election." Think about that logic.

  17. @WillMcAvoyACN

    "You can't polish this turd." – @VanJones68
    "Technically you cannot polish any turd." – @jaketapper

  18. Twitter:

    Mark Proksch ‏@m_proksch 20m20 minutes ago
    Trump just greeted his family like Elton John at a paid meet-and-greet.

  19. hahaha, Patton Oswalt:

    Patton Oswalt ‏@pattonoswalt 36m36 minutes ago
    Thank you, Donald. You made me cringe so hard during this debate I formed two pearls in my asshole.

  20. Trump's performance tonight was horrific, frightening and dangerously deranged and the Breitbart crowd will love it and declare him the Big Winner.

    Normal people will think he's horrific, frightening and dangerously deranged, of course, and I hope they get out and vote.

  21. It was 87 degrees F in Baltimore today, breaking a record high from 1969. Best ignore it. Let's just all talk about imaginary walls and magical tax cuts and threatening brown people roaming our neighborhoods instead.

  22. At the behest of La Signora_Quarantanova, we turned on Fox News to watch the commentary. I was all right through Trump's weasel-nosed press agent and the token Demo shill, but then they brought on Bill Bennet and I had to bail.

  23. The Relevant Organs – ‏@relevantorgans

    The orange candidate looks unhealthily pink. Like a preview of what his embalmed corpse will eventually look like in its mausoleum. #debate

    1. First comment: "I bet HRC had something to do with this." If you mean debating circles around a dangerously unhinged babble-bot, then yes. Yes she did.

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