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Cárteles de la droga asesinan libertades civiles en México

7 thoughts on “Cárteles de la droga asesinan libertades civiles en México

  1. The governing party says the bill, labeled a reform to the criminal code, will make “adjustments” to Mexico’s new legal system, a linchpin of cooperation with the United States that was completed last year with more than $300 million in American aid. It is widely considered Mexico’s most important legal advancement in the past century.

    But while the American-backed legal system is supposed to enshrine human rights in a nation desperately lacking them, this new bill heads squarely in the other direction. Legal scholars say it will broaden the power of the Mexican government to detain suspects for years before trial, enable the police to rely on hearsay in court and potentially allow prosecutors to use evidence obtained by torture.

  2. Yeah, my understanding was that the Mex Govt. was never famous for their civil rights system, especially towards the indigenous . Without a carrot from the U.S. easy to backslide.

    1. We've always had good relations with Mexico, at least until Big Oil put the kibosh on them for nationalizing their holdings and calling it all Pemex. Now that we're building them this nice wall and demanding that they pay for it, and cutting the State Department's budget by 37 percent, things can only get better! ¡Bad hombres!

        1. Well yeah that and we took a third of their country in 1848 so we could have more slave states. Some ombres really hold a grudge for a long time.

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