7 thoughts on “First Amendment? What First Amendment?

  1. “I think these bills are indicative of the fact that, particularly on the left, you’ve seen the willingness to use protests to impede economic freedom,” says Andrew Taylor, a political scientist at North Carolina State University in Raleigh. Given the corporate boycotts against the so-called “bathroom law” in North Carolina, for example, “there’s a sense that the left is trying to coerce people into doing things by threatening their economic situation, and I think [these bills] are an outgrowth of that.”

    Exercising freedom of choice as a consumer = coercion? Someone needs to send this political scientist back to civics class FFS.

    1. Remember, if you're not buying everything from everywhere, you're doing ECOMONOMIC TERRORRORRISM to someone!

        1. "We're Consolidated International and we might be looking for you. Are you one of those people who show up, punch in, pitch in, put out, clean up, punch out, head home, throw up, turn in, sack out and shut up? That's what we need: people we can keep in line. We may have a place for you. Consolidated International. People making things so people have things to do things to other people with. And thinking up more things to do with the stuff we have."

          -George Carlin

    2. I won't link, but of you want to, there's a blog :'Tea Party Command Center' that has 'Boycott Central '
      [not to mention the *cough* boycott of British tea ]

  2. Boycott all the past CEOs / current cabinet members companies: Exxon, WWE, CIT Group, Goldman Sachs, CKE Restaurants (because he considered it for a while), and anything and everything remotely tRump branded.

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