I’m getting tired of these motherf*king neutrons on a plane!

20 thoughts on “I’m getting tired of these motherf*king neutrons on a plane!

    1. Amazing songwriter, musician, performer.

      Maybe not such a great guy, but that's often the case. Johnny B Goode!

      [and the Bo Diddley post is only a co-inky-dink.]

    2. Also too, NYT:

      And Mr. Berry’s music has remained on tour extraterrestrially. “Johnny B. Goode” is on golden records within the Voyager I and II spacecraft, launched in 1977 and awaiting discovery.

  1. Speaking of sunspots, my ophthalmic exam showed no retinal or vitreous tears or detachments. Just getting old, and back in the 60's I paid good money for the light show I got this past week.

      1. Thanks! I have to go back twice to make sure, but she thinks I'll be OK. Who knew there was a familial link? My sister had a torn retina, therefore I'm twice as likely to have one. That brings my chances up from one in a thousand to two in a thousand. I'll take those odds.

          1. That's how my sister's came on, too. Had that fixed, then she had a corneal transplant, then a cataract grew over the new cornea. All they could do is drill a hole in the cornea, so she's got a very small hole to see out of in that eye.

        1. Not to speak of, really. On a clarity scale from 0 to 4, the one eye is 0.1, which qualifies as a cataract, but it's still better than most geezers.

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