14 thoughts on “LET’S DO THIS!!!

    1. Science sometimes leads to single malt. Some good scotch was what I needed yesterday after plowing through a mountain of nonsense in a submitted article where the author tossed-in everything including the freakin' kitchen sink into a COMSOL model and then was ever so proud of the nonsensical result.

      Rule #1 in modelling is KISS, keep it simple stupid.
      Rule #2 in modelling is to remove all those extra bits you felt you just had to shove in the mix that are not absolutely necessary and clearly don't fit into rule #1.
      Rule #3 in modelling, I don't care how many initials you list after your name, what parts of rules #1 and #2 don't you understand?

      1. Colorful Fluid Dynamics?

        I have found, when writing something I'm not killer sure of, things tend towards wordiness. I warn folks I advise of the same thing. One great bit of advice from my grad advisor- if you have good graphs, the paper writes itself. He also taught me to revise a draft and keep things short and sweet.

  1. yesterday’s scientific discovery- you can use denatured alcohol (camp fuel- “natured methanol”) for a cloud chamber and it works as well as dry isopropanol.

  2. Hmm. Nothing going on in the SF Bay area that I can see. Venus is the Morning Star (Phosphorus), waning crescent moon next to it. I could set up and show folks that all morning, up until about noon. Jupiter is a couple weeks past opposition, should be a good evening object to show folks.

    "Jupiter, like the scientific community, is presently at opposition, IYKWIMAITYD"

  3. Already signed up for the Los Angeles march. I'm open to suggestions as to what I should put on my sign. Ideas, anyone?

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