Muslim-Sounding Former Police Chief Detained at US Customs

10 thoughts on “Muslim-Sounding Former Police Chief Detained at US Customs

  1. 90 minutes? Pffft. I was held hostage last Friday for closer to 3 hours by a high-pressure sales team at an auto dealership…

      1. So, today's dispatch from the Halls of Higher Learnin':

        We have an "accessible education center" here which makes accommodations for students with learning/testing issues. Usually it involves extra time to take an exam or in a "distraction free" environment- the latter makes especially good sense, as it's the practice at my university for any proctor to practice their bongo drums while administering an exam.
        So I get notice an hour ago that a student needs to take one of my mid terms in…an hour…and I didn't start writing the mid term (class is tomorrow night at 6). This might have set a record for the fastest time I've written a mid term exam…51 minutes.

        1. Well that was a quantum quick trick. Did you ask about the role of quantum mechanical electron tunneling across passive layer in the pitting of corrosion-resistant alloys?

          1. I'm a bit surprised the student need the extra time. One of the better ones I've had in my class this year. Always engaged and asks good questions.

          2. Anybody who's made it that far obviously isn't trying to duck out of Sociology 101 by flirting with the teacher. More power to 'em.

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