Coming Soon: International Intelligence Initiates Information Interdiction.

50 thoughts on “Coming Soon: International Intelligence Initiates Information Interdiction.

  1. The information the president relayed had been provided by a U.S. partner through an intelligence-sharing arrangement considered so sensitive that details have been withheld from allies and tightly restricted even within the U.S. government, officials said.


    C'mon, it has to be.

    1. Could be some African state, where the dicktater ostensibly hates the US but lerves the cool weapons systems we provide as foreign "aid."

    1. Fuck, so buzzed can't even type…..meant Bannon……..not Prepus……….or maybe him too WTF who knows……..

    1. Each time some terrible thing tRump has done fills the headlines and threatens his self of steam, he does something even worse to get the previous instance off Page 1. But how high can he go?

      1. Space travel to Mars will happen solely because Trump's ego will create a bridge between the two planets.

          1. The new GOES satellite is just so amazing.

            Glad we got that thing up before the Obama admin ended tbh, Trump definitely would have prevented it.

          1. Glad to see they take a strict constructionist view: the Martini is made with gin, not vodka. There is no such thing as a "vodka Martini."

  2. If I ever encounter a TrumpPenceZee who tells me we should give Donald a chance, I will not be responsible for my actions. Jesus fucking Christ…


    1. Say, "Yeah, bit of a rough start, " to catch them off guard , then start wailing.
      [this is not meant as advocating violence, just an innocent possible scenario to consider ]

    1. So, Twitter was invented by our enemies?

      Also, way too much detail in that hand, including the veins. Why couldn't that person do pinups, instead?

  3. Silverman at BJuice contends "…. The leak is itself intended to inoculate and immunize the President and everyone else from the US side that was in the room so the Russians cannot hold this over their heads. Full stop."

    That's the leak, not the buffoon blabbing.

  4. BREAKING: Sen. McCain just raised his threat level to "furrowed brow," while Sen. Graham has gone from "concerned" to "very concerned."— Kevin M. Kruse (@KevinMKruse) May 15, 2017

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