4 thoughts on “Oh My Dawg, 25 Pct of USA are Atheists

  1. I was going to say something snarky about how much my spirituality has been tested during the reign of Donald the Terrible until I read this:

    The American religious tapestry is continually being re-stitched as new religious groups slowly gain acceptance. Atheists have been on the fringe for quite some time. They remain one of the country’s most disliked “religious” groups: Only 30 percent of Americans have a “warm” view of atheists.3 Research has also shown that even as America has grown increasingly accepting of religious diversity, atheists have been the exception.

    Americans express a considerable degree of intolerance toward atheists. More than half of Americans believe atheists should not be allowed to put up public displays that celebrate their beliefs (for example, a banner highlighting Americans’ freedom from religion under the Bill of Rights). More than one-third believe atheists should be banned from becoming president, and similar numbers believe they should be denied the opportunity to teach in public schools or the right to hold a rally.

    Whoa. I knew some people distrusted atheists but I had no idea how fucking much FFS.

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