19 thoughts on “Good kitty

      1. I couldn't tell it was an interactive site as I'm having some severe 'puter issues. Even trying to run a scan is nigh impossible, 22 hours and 40 minutes in. Might be time to murder it in it's sleep..

        1. wait wut? It sounds like it's time to backup all your data and format C:

          that'll fix 99% of what ails ya

          1. I installed Avast and ran that scan. Didn't find any viruses, but it's sure running clean.

            I ran a full Defender scan, took over 34 hours(!) and nada. Usually when shit runs as slow as this did, it's a problem with Flash.

      2. the point lawyers made in the letter was that the Trump name is “internationally known and famous.”

        You misspelled "Infamous". That's a bullshit argument, BTW, because he's made himself a public figure even before he became POTUS* and so copyright restrictions do not apply.

        This is more fun than that shoe-throwing game with George W.

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