15 thoughts on “AW, NUTS!

  1. Hanes’ lawyer said that his client has developed a “debilitating fear” of having another doctor look into his situation…

    No doubt.

    …an 11-woman, one-man jury…

    THis has to be the definition of "empathy".

  2. Last time I had left/right surgery, cataracts, they talked it over with me before. After we were all in agreement on what was to be done and on which side they marked my check just below the proper eye.

    / no sillies, not that cheek

        1. I was afraid the whole day would go by and no one would finish the cheek joke.
          [ Plus she has a dobro with round holes and screen ]

    1. ImpeachTrump @dumptrump33

      You know your presidency is hitting rock bottom when the only people going on the Sunday shows are your criminal defense attorneys.

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