5 thoughts on “A heartbeat away

  1. Went to read the source article at Po'o, and it is a classic beat-sweetening |source-greaser.|

    His inconspicuousness is engineered to keep all eyes on the president. But it’s also necessary to guard against whispers that he, not Trump, is running the show—a narrative fueled both by Pence’s standing in the party and by the fact that he has been empowered like no vice president before him to establish, sell and execute the administration’s agenda. Five months into the Trump era—and less than a year since he was plucked from a thorny situation in Indiana—Pence, once an endangered small-state governor, has become the most popular Republican in the country and accumulated an astonishing amount of power.

    How many times have I read articles about how Walter Mondale or Al Gore was "the most powerful vice-president in history," when it was really only true of Cheney?

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