11 thoughts on “Arizona On Fire. Please Send Help.

  1. These areas are evacuated west of Highway 69: Dewey / Humboldt, Poland Junction and from Mayer north to Dewey / Humboldt

  2. Seems like the fire risk will still be elevated out there tomorrow. Not going to be easy to get this under control.

    1. the wet winter in SF Bay means we're weed whacking to beat all to get back into compliance. Such is life.

    2. It's going to stay elevated as long as we face the triple digit heat, high winds and dew points in the 5 to -5 degree range. Once the monsoon rains arrive they'll help, other than that they are usually preceded by lots of lightning strikes

  3. In many parts of the West, the rains have laid new vegetation one dry tinder. We're not in bad shape yet, have three burning east of the Cascades but one one jumped from 15 to over 60 square miles yesterday. Stay safe all.

  4. Here, we are under flood warnings and fire watch simultaneously. Too many years of human intervention in both forest and water management.

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