22 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day

  1. [ Crazy Horse ], but of course.

    My bride & I are wearing our maple leaf pins, that we sometimes wear in Europe, to celebrate Canada Day with some Canadian friends here in the USA, USA, USA, then go to Vancouver, BC to celebrate the Fourth.

    1. |Steppenwolf|
      Whoa. I'm going to dog-sit for a couple who are going to Vancouver to meditate for two weeks. I guess it's a big thing there. Watch out for 'em or they'll yoga yer ass.

    2. I just want hockey to come back so I can laugh at the Leafs while crying about how shitty the Red Wings are.

      1. I have a good friend here in the bay area who has, now that he's in his 50s, cut back from 3 nights a week of ice hockey to one. Note to self: hit the Oakland Ice Center soon.

  2. When my younger bro first moved to Vermont, he was half an hour north of Burlington and half of the radio stations were in French.

    1. Jeez. snow, you shouldn't ask someone to do you a favor on their birthday! You have to wait until Canada's daughter gets married and then ask. Yeesh! Don't you know anything about diplomacy?!?!?!?!?111%!

        1. A plastic bag full of hair clippings from Fantastic Sam's is more qualified than that degenerate. You should be head of the NWS and the NWS should be in control of everything.

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