55 thoughts on “Feeling the Heat, are we?

  1. “I hope my House colleagues were watching closely; denying climate change is no longer a winning strategy,” Deutch said in a statement.
    Thursday’s vote not only backed climate action, it also backed the military. For more than a decade, the Department of Defense has warned that climate change poses a critical national security threat.

    Baby Steps, but Nice Time nonetheless.

          1. Didn't Obama have a Weather Control Machine that he would use to cause earthquakes and tornadoes in Oklahoma just to make James Inhofe look bad?

          2. True Fact! They kept it in the basement of the Naval Observatory, in Cheney's old safe, so that Biden could get to it fast for plausible deniability reasons.

            I hear that the Pence's found the safe open and totally empty in January. WHERE IS THE MACHINE NOW

          1. Those are nice! I have many tote bags, else I'd snag one of those fersure.

            Speaking of bags: I had a TruckNutz Sighting on the way to work today! First one in a year or more. Full size GMC p/u, Wisconsin plates. No mufflers. All is right with the world again.

  2. All your states (and the District) are too close together back east. No wonder the weather/climate is so confused!

        1. Yeah, sorry bout that 2nd linked youtube promo for the event.. that band member runs at the camera and the viewer unfortunately gets a millisecond close-up of his short-shorts' crotch. But you gotta admire his enthusiasm, plus I think they threw the quick-vid together last minute (like, day before yesterday)~

    1. Our year started crazy soggy, even for us. That said, our last measurable precip was June 17th, and the forecast for the next two weeks is <10% chance of rain. Gonna get to burning in the woods, yes it will.

  3. Take that, Koch Brothers!

    PS: I guess I won't complain about the fact that it is supposed to hit 90 degrees here by Sunday after reading some of your weather reports. Stay cool, Wonkers!

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