14 thoughts on “Speaking of Weather…

    1. I think anymore that the storms that are strong enough to get into the heart of Phx. drop 3" of rain in an hour and fuck the whole city.

  1. I'll never forget the run I did in Tempe that I managed to finish two minutes before a storm hit. Had I taken five more minutes I probably would have drowned. Stay safe, everyone!

    1. whoa, good times. I was fascinated by them as a kid. Still am. I've come close to seeing one, and the destruction they cause, but never saw one fer rilz. My bro in Mass did, once. Said it was unforgettable.

      1. We lived in tornado alley when I was a kid. I've seen them in the distance and seen plenty of damage. We had one get close enough that the last thing I saw was branches getting snapped off the hundred year old trees on the edge of the property, before we all scurried to the crawlspace.

  2. It rained! And the power went out! Twice! Well, actually, the power went out first when some genius driving a city dump truck nicked a power line (the dumpy part was up) and the transformer outside our window went BOOM then BOOM then BAMBOOMBAM and then BOOM again. That was around lunchtime. The power came back after an hour or so and then it rained! It was rainy and windy and so smokey and I went outside because it honestly hasn't rained here for months and then FLASHBOOM and BOOM again and the transformer blew again, only this time we were standing outside really close to it. Fun! Another hour or so and power was back on. We almost died. But, we felt rain! Yay! We are calling this day a win.

    1. City worker on overtime, cool!

      I used to drive a roll-off truck for construction sites. One Super Bowl Sunday I had to work, a so-called "emergency" due to them paving the next day. I picked up their container, dumped it and brought it back. In the hour I was gone, they had raised grade on the job site by nearly a foot, and when I hoisted the rails in the air to drop off the container, I rolled forward, as is customary, and wiped out power to half the town. Must've been the half that was really looking forward to the sportsball tournament. Edison was on it pretty quick, and I escaped with my life.

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