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    1. Hi, I’m Emma. I help busy teachers with great ideas and ready to go resources for the Pre-K to 2 classroom. Want to know more about me?
      It would be bad to ask, "What are you wearing, Emma."
      Wouldn't it?

      1. The National Hurricane Center has a little X over 15° N, 45°W right now with a < 40% chance of becoming a cyclone.

        I fully expect Hurricane Godzilla to be parked over the Chesapeake come the eclipse.

          1. Speaking of, in my never ending/never beginning construction project, I located a water valve directly in line with where the footing will be poured. Gotta go. It's ancient iron pipe, and quite corroded. Today I dug up 12 ft of it that had a 6 in diameter sycamore root entwined around it. Glad I found that before the backhoe does. It'll be an expensive nightmare moving the valve, since I know the pipe can't be cut and threaded.

          2. You can weld the olde cast iron, but you'll need a graybeard older than we to show you how, and there is a lot of preheating and other bits.

          3. I've brazed cast before, but that would never hold up to the pressure. I think I'll have to excavate another 20 ft (in the lawn, natch) to get to the nearest threaded joint. And hope the threads aren't fuxxored.

          1. Not sure, but this was Aussie rules football, not rugby. They have some interesting rules, such as the one bloke from Sydney who cold-cocked a Hawk. Players don't get tossed for that during the game, they get tossed from a following match or matches. It makes for a rather punchy final game, as players won't have to do the penalty time until the next season.

            <img src="http://www.abc.net.au/news/image/8755540-3×2-700×467.jpg&quot; width="375">

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