16 thoughts on “FOO’BALL!

  1. Greetings, Vile Villainous Vacuums of Virtue! The 2017 FFS/FFL League has been reborned as Mike Pence's Dinner with Mother League! It's more exciting than any of Mike Pence's dinners with his actual mother or his wife, although that's a really, really, low bar. Emails have been sent to whichever email you used last year.

    Cally, a draft date has been set but can be changed.

    Antiderp, if you're out there, please come back! (If'n you wanna.)

    Anyone else who wants to join, please let me know: natl[dot]redacted[dot]cmdr[at]gmail[derp]com

    This season's winner gets to enjoy a chicken dinner with Mike Pence and Mother! (floating Calista optional)

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