11 thoughts on “Brave Sir Limbaugh Ran Away

  1. But three days later, the shock jock changed his tune. Limbaugh announced Thursday that he would be off-air the following day.

    Evacuating is, of course, the smart and proper thing to do and if this were anyone else I would not feel such power divingly negative empathy values about, because I know what must be happening now.

    I imagine him fleeing aboard a Sikorsky twin helo in sybaritic comfort above the traffic jammed groundlings on Rt 95 and doomed propagandized drunken Dittoheads he talked into sheltering in place, headed for some disgustingly opulent and expensive bolthole that all the "reg'lar folks" who listen to his audio garbage would never afford to even get a glimpse of.

    If there was anything like Karma, Rushbo would meet his bloated end naked, handcuffed to Grover Norquist in the basement of some foul Miami massage parlor while the storm surge blows sewage, gasoline, toxic waste and dead rats up from the toilets to drown them while P.J. Harvey screams out of the radio.

    Anyway, that's my idea, Supreme Being. If you're taking suggestions.

  2. I am screaming at and amazed at how many of my friends and their families in Florida are not beating a strategic retreat. Only one has left the state.

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