25 thoughts on “Bilious Boating Bunch Bag Balmoral’s Brutal Barfathon

          1. Many moons ago, Grasshopper–I mean glasspusher, I worked a coupla summers in a factory that made spiral bevel gears. They had a set of picnic tables where men sat with hand grinders, touching up the edges and surfaces of the product. It was called "the burr bench."

            All the workers were Hispanic. One day the feds came and led them all out while we stood and watched. Penalty for the employer? Nah….

          2. One of the best things I got to do in grad school was to learn and use a lathe and mill. In addition to making electrodes for my research, I made parts for my telescopes.

            Sucks about the Feds/employees/employer

    1. I took a Head Boat out of Farley marina in A.C. for a bit of the old night bluefishing one Friday. Mid 1980's, so we got all the boomer construction guys that had knocked off work and got plastered at the bar beforehand. All the action was south, just upbeach from Cape May, so the captain pointed it south and really screwed it on. We hit maybe a 4-6' swell, so we started bouncing pretty good.

      My bud and I were hangin out portside, gettin' air, laughing and bouncing with the boat when this drunk comes flying out of the cabin, gets halfway over the rail and CHUNDERS RIGHT INTO THE WIND. Right in front of us, we could hear the chunks and gobbets plastering the sides and windows (I don't know how we didn't get hit but he was covered). Later, we went inside and swear to Cthulhu the boat looked like a plague ship, full of seasick drunks lying and puking everywhere.
      We had to go outside again and ended up on the bow, jumping and getting air at the peak of the roll.

      I ended up catching 4 pretty good ones, which I handed over to a buddy in the Pines with a good-sized smoker (only way to eat Bluefish IMHO).

      I'd like to say that we didn't get sick because we were hardened mariners, but I really think it was all the mushrooms we were eating all night.

      1. Wow. I have a similar tale coming back on a day trip from Spain over the Strait of Gibraltar to Tangier, Morocco. We were into the wind on the way back and the trip naturally took longer, first person lost their lunch about halfway into the trip, at the end I had to get above deck or I would have lost it too.

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