Hybrid-Driving Hippies Could Be Charged Higher Registration Fees Than Coal-Rolling Patriots

11 thoughts on “Hybrid-Driving Hippies Could Be Charged Higher Registration Fees Than Coal-Rolling Patriots

  1. Suck it, bitches! My prius paid for 3 of 12 months' payments the first 4 years I had it with gas savings over the car it replaced,which got a decent 27 mpg. After that the lower operating costs were all gravy, over 290k miles and doing fine!

  2. Years ago when I lived there, the Missouri Department of Highways and Transportation announced their master plan, which was to connect every municipality in the state with more than 50K in population by four-lane limited access highways. In other words: "Full employment for us, for ever!"

    Glad to see that spirit lives on. The "and Transportation" was always an afterthought. Those good old boys are in the pavement business! Rubber tires good, steel wheels bad!

      1. The tony St Louis suburb is Ladue, and it has a grocery store right on its eastern boundary (not inside of course). All other St Louis suburbs are pretenders.

        Ladue is so RW that it's mayor once |sued| a resident for having a yard sign opposing the first Persian Gulf War. Fought it all the way to SCOTUS and got bitch-slapped with the First Amendment.

        It seemed like they didn't mind the content of the sign so much as the fact that a resident had a sign at all. Such bad taste! And of course the yards are all so big and lush with foliage you could hardly see a sign anyway. My old company was Ladue's urban planning consultant so we got all the gruesome detail.

      1. I left CA about the time Ahnuld swept into the Governorship swearing to lower the so-called "car tax". I thought he fixed it in my absence. Guess not.

          1. I know! Sometimes I have to wait a minute or so before turning left onto the highway! This part of the Golden State does have its charms, as long as you don't have to make a living.

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