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          1. This is the season for it- Sept/Oct are the warmest months, we get our version of the Santa Anas up here, wind from the east off of the Sierra, where it descends, warms and dries. This is a monsoon- a seasonal change in wind direction. The | Oakland Firestorm of 1991 | was on Oct 19.

            With the end of the drought here this past year, a lot more vegetation grew up, then died and dried, so I've been more than vigilant about trimming, raking and sweeping up my yard. The wind last night shook a ton of stuff out of the trees, we have tons of stuff to rake and sweep up today- as if I needed any more incentive to do this.

          2. Those offshore winds are katabatic, then? Makes sense. Bad combination with extra dry vegetation and leaf litter, though. Good luck and stay safe, now.

          3. Katabatic and adiabatic! Pretty damn dry coming from the Sierras and Nevada, then it just warms up dropping a mile or so in elevation. I get dewpoints of 8-12C when the wind is off the water, but now with the east wind I'm getting dewpoints of -6 to -4C, so from Saturday night our relative humidities have dropped from 70% to about 15-20%…turns the place into a potential tinderbox.

          4. Terrifying. Out here, after getting zero precipitation in September, now comes the remnants of Nate, with bands of torrential downpours and disgusting heat & humidity:

            80.3 °F (Feels Like 85.7 °F)
            Dew Point: 76 °F
            Humidity: 85%

          5. Ugh. Fuck me gently with a chainsaw. We're OK here in Oakland, but I just pinged a friend in Santa Rosa, who looked to be a lot closer to the action. He said he had to evacuate, and might lose his house. Fuck fucking fuck.

          6. This same area burned in 1964. That was a suck-ass year for NorCal. Fires, earthquakes, tidal waves…

          1. Hah

            Dr. Lexus‏ @DrLexus_StGods
            Replying to @TheDweck

            Although if he were to invent a word, this would be it.

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