24 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin is a confirmed Pokemon Trainer

  1. I had a funny feeling last summer about BLM. It didn't seem to be organic and it certainly was not helping Hillary. Same thing with this antifa BS. The MSM bites on this crap in its ghastly search for bothsiderism. We were fucking successfully attacked by the Russians and it benefitted Swindler McFuckface and he has mobster ties to the ruski's and they are all lying about it and the spineless GOP sits idly by waiting for that tax cut on their donors and destroying poor people's lives…
    Srsly, I didn't think oligarchic fascism could subsume our political system so quickly and (so far) bloodlessly.

      1. I've given up on the 23-30% that thought Palin was whatever. Probably 30% of us are rational, tolerant, educated, level headed. The fucking problem is that fickle, gullible, twitchy ~40% that is attracted to shiny objects. Again, I watched my older brother transfigure into a Föx Zombie a couple of years ago. It is truly scary. Roger Ailes was the embodiment of an evil genius.

        1. Wow, sorry about your bro. My sister went deep right when she was a teenager, evangelized by fundamentalists she babysat for, but in retrospect she seemed to have the personality that fit it, not like me, her godless commie brother.

      1. As long as it's not enough of a trainwreck where they think they can advance their position, I think they're fine with it

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