33 thoughts on “BEES!!!!

    1. Well, as is evident from the cones pictured in your link, even without the bee activity there is an extreme risk of slip and fall.

          1. That's how I saw Kansas, too. From the panhandle of Oklahoma. So flat, I think I saw all across the state from south to north.

          2. Yeah, I have some highlights I really do want to hit. San Diego has a lot, and Yosemite's a big one. Obviously can't see even close to everything but a really busy time out there seems to be good.

            Also gets me out of Dayton which I need every once in a while.

          3. SD is Lot's corner, and tbh I've never been to SD proper. Got as close as Encinitas, and, what's that big telescope on Palomar called?

          4. Seems to be called the Hale telescope.

            This trip only has one downside: I don't have a good excuse not to see my cousin on the way. She's, well… trying to make America great again. But CA (and that day or two in AZ/NM on the way) will be worth it. Hopefully. (LA traffic don't kill me pls)

          5. Tell me what things you think are worth seeing in SD and I'll tell you why you shouldn't. [grin] Actually if you need hotel or restaurant or neighborhood recommendos, I'd be happy to help.

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