19 thoughts on “Jerry Jones of Amerikkka’s Team. HAH!!!

  1. Wait, he was behind the Papa John's thing too? What an asshole. Also lol at any conservatives eating that awful pizza to make us mad.

    1. I regularly #PraiseTheLord that I live in an area with enough independent pizzarias that deliver that I don't have any such dilemma FFS.

  2. There is a little known clause in the Faber College NFL charter that gives the dean commissioner unlimited power in times of campus league emergency!

  3. I rarely put on my sports hat anymore, but there's still hate lingering.
    Notre Dame was one, Jerry Jones is right up there too.

  4. Well Jones is the kind of owner who believes in fair play and obeying the rules, so if the other owners vote to take his franchise away from him and give it to, say, Condoleezza Rice, I'm sure he'll accept the outcome with grace and dignity. After all, he knows that the other owners are men of probity and honor.

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