70 thoughts on “Louie Gohmert had a chart today and it is surreal

        1. There might be a simple, honest explanation for all this. They could have run out of room for shapes in the PowerPoint slide. Fluoridation is next week, to coincide with the Thanksgiving holiday. The Bilderbergs have replaced their copy machine repairman with a clever doppelganger who's spying on them.Women are working in the office now and the graphics intern can't concentrate through all the spontaneous erections.
          Modern governing is complicated.

          1. They just couldn't think of any more shapes.. I was surprised someone on Gohmert's staff knew of ovals.

            How many are in MS Paint?

    1. They're doing it right- suspend civil liberties, declare martial law, seize control of the media.

      Is it finally payback time for Mugabe?

  1. I just saw a right-wing ad telling Portman to vote no on the tax bill that's actually really close to passing (with added anti-abortion and obamacare repeal attached!) because of raised taxes. What a wild world we live in.

    1. Was it Club for Growth? Those Kochs hate taxes with a fire that passeth understanding. They went after a city (in Ohio? forget which one) a few years ago that wanted to raise taxes to help fund their zoo. What the fuck, guys? You live in Kansas!

      1. Columbus. Basically the best zoo in the country.

        I don't remember the actual name, but I don't think it was that. I sorta recognized it from right-wing ads in the past though.

          1. The one near my house was pretty erratic for a couple of years. Utility co (LADWP, boo hiss) finally came and checked it out. Their solution was to disconnect it. The only downside is that I have to bring a flashlight when checking my mail at night.

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