24 thoughts on “Jews 4 Jebus: Still a thing

  1. Sekulow grew up in a Jewish family on Long Island, and, after a religious awakening during his college years, in Atlanta, he joined the Messianic group Jews for Jesus. Following law school, he worked for the Internal Revenue Service, then founded a law firm that later went bankrupt. In 1986, he became the general counsel for Jews for Jesus. Sekulow’s advocacy on behalf of the group’s aggressive proselytizing brought him to the attention of Pat Robertson, the religious leader and conservative activist. The two men founded the American Center for Law and Justice, a right-wing counterpart of the American Civil Liberties Union, and the new organization thrived, thanks to the pair’s expertise in direct-mail fund-raising. Sekulow built a lavish headquarters for the ACLJ in a renovated town house near the Supreme Court, and he branched out into public advocacy for a variety of conservative causes, including, eventually, the Presidential candidacy of Donald Trump. By now, Sekulow is as much a media figure as an attorney. He has had a nationally syndicated radio show, called “Jay Sekulow Live!,” and he frequently appears on Fox News. Sekulow has only modest experience in criminal law, but the President appreciated his spirited appearances on cable news and hired him as the public face of his defense.

    1. Or if that doesn't work, daddy/sonny privilege, the only drawback of which is that it doesn't exist. Okay, let's try executive privilege—no, wait, Junior's not a government employee.

      Looks like he's fucked.

    1. So was Rev. Dr. Sheldon

      Of the social issues Sheldon espoused during his lifetime, the two he was most passionate about were equality and prohibition. He believed that all persons were equal and should be treated as such. He was a pioneer among Protestant ministers in welcoming blacks into a mainstream church. He was also committed to fair treatment for Jews and Catholics, and proclaimed the equality of men and women. A strong supporter of the feminist struggle for equal rights, he urged women to enter politics. He also pushed for full equality in the workplace.[4]

      Sheldon was also a vegetarian who promoted compassion towards animal just as he did towards humans.[5] He even criticized circuses for their treatment of animals.[6]

    2. Funny: a mag started by McCormick and Patterson, two of the most vicious RWNJs who ever lived, achieved profitability when (under new ownership) it started praising the New Deal.

      Long-legged hotties in partially-open robes on the cover probably didn't hurt the old circulation any either.

      Here's another vintage publication of some political interest. <img src="http://i67.tinypic.com/qp3peu.jpg"&gt; These are coming from a wonderful twitter feed called Pulp Librarian.

      <a href="https://twitter.com/PulpLibrarian” target=”_blank”>https://twitter.com/PulpLibrarian

  2. this cloud that hampers the President in foreign policy, in domestic policy, and has the country confused and experiencing a malaise of the type that Jimmy Carter once explained

    Comparing Donald to Jimmy now? When your base still hates Carter and thinks he was a weak president? OK then…

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