The smoke from those So Cal fires is getting around. Be safe folks!

24 thoughts on “The smoke from those So Cal fires is getting around. Be safe folks!

  1. I feel for those folks in So Ca- this is Santa Rosa all over again. I went running yesterday morning and afterwards developed a headache- I had an important meeting last night I had to power through, but today I woke up again feeling like crap. Didn't think anything of it until I noticed my Oakland skies turning a bit brown. The particle sensor I bought in October confirmed, we're getting smoke up here from the stuff in So Cal. This is a big one. Air quality up here, hundreds of miles away, is expected to get much worse tomorrow.

    I also got HEPA filters up the wazoo back in Oct, so at least this time I know what the air quality is and can clean up my indoor air.

    Good luck to everybody in So Cal. Like the Santa Rosa folks, I'm feeling the effects but not the devastation that the people in the vicinity are getting.

    At the very least, keep your lungs clean.


        1. Can't find it again on Twitter but apparently he asked at least two staffers if they'd be his surrogate baby-mamas, and in the process of explaining this he blames his wife for not being a better fetus-factory, and the staffers for not being familiar with surrogate chit-chat. Sorry if they were offended!

          1. TPM had this quote …a topic that, unbeknownst to me until very recently, made certain individuals uncomfortable…

      1. I still think I'm coughing up some stuff from October. Err on the side of caution. I hate not running, but not breathing is worse.

  2. Up here we're having clear weather, and will for the next week or so. In the winter that typically includes fog, and sometimes inversions, so the air quality can tip. My guess in a day or two, we'll be on no wood-burning unless that is your only form of heat.

  3. The Venice-Santa Monica Christmas Run got postponed to next Saturday due to concerns about air quality. So far, knock on wood, that is the only way these fucking fires have impacted my life. But my heart goes out to those who do get hit by this.

    And I just read that the tax bill offers no relief for losses due to fires or earthquakes. Time to trot this out again:

    ♬ [Fuck Donald Trump] ♬

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