17 thoughts on “Sheriff Joe Has the Runs

  1. We likely won't hear from Blue for a while. I'm guessing he downed a bottle of rye neat when he heard the news. Also and too, can felons run for US Senate in Arizona?

  2. the 85-year-old

    All the controversy about Arpaio's actions as sheriff aside, I'm guessing he won't clear the field of GOP contenders.

  3. Shurf Joe and Martha McCarpetbagger have both announced their Senate intentions- toss in Chemtrail Kelli and it's quite the motley crew…

  4. And it's three days ride from Tent City and I don't know why I came.
    I guess I came to keep from payin' dues.
    So instead I've got a Arpaio in the Senate in '18
    And a damn good case of the Laxa-Cola Blues. Yeh!

  5. You have to admit, the republican "Young Guns" is a rather inclusive group to consider an 85 year-old convicted felon to be new blood.

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