28 thoughts on “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN

    1. We'll survive. At least it isn't a sudden catastrophic mudslide. Has Fat Bastard sent his condolences to the Montecito
      victims yet, or is he too busy stuffing his face and insulting 3/4 of the Earth's population?

  1. 59 yesterday. Currently 28 with snow (after a glaze of freezing rain). 5 tomorrow night. It's coming, east coast.

  2. Basically white-out conditions right now, but it won't last too long so we'll probably only have a few inches of snow. I-675 is closed nearby though.

  3. I just got back from a day of giving 70 5th graders the basics of spectroscopy, and I showed flame color changes in a blowtorch with LiOH and NaOH, respectively. Kid glass helped out. I think I'm dead,

  4. I'd been anticipating the warm break for days, planning to change my oil, but just before removing the drain plug I remembered I forgot to get a new copper gasket. So now I get to do it in freezing temperatures anyway. I blame the synthetic oil that let me go 15 kmi, so long that I forgot what I was doing.

    The next day I swung by a nearby Infiniti dealership to get said gasket (not available in 'the Zone" for some reason) for my lowly Nissan hatchback and got to feel like The Help (salesperson had me pegged for "not a customer" pretty damned fast, parts counter guy seemed happy to actually have someone to talk to, cashier seemed rather disinclined to small talk when you're only spending $1.05).

    And then I spent much of the rest of my evening pissing off drivers behind me when I actually slowed down for fog thick enough to reduce visibility to about a car-length.


    1. rationalization is a hell of a drug. Also, doesn't it just hurt working on a car in the cold? Been there, done that.

      1. I thankfully got all the "fiddly" stuff done Thursday back when the temp was in the 50's (rotating tires, making sure various boots are still there, etc.). Tuesday afternoon looks like it will be above freezing, which will be good enough when all I have to do is lift the front of the car, drain the oil and change the filter.

        And if my hands do get too cold, the used oil draining out of the pan is always nice and toasty!

    2. My diesel pickup has a capacity of 14 quarts of oil, more than I care to deal with. I can't even roll my creeper under my car without me on it, so I can't change its oil, either. And I don't miss it.

      1. I can change the oil on my own car without lifting it, but it's not fun, especially when it comes to making sure the catch pan is lined up correctly before I remove the drain plug. But I know of a decent patch of pavement I can use to lift my car up.

        I put about 2500 miles on my car a month, which means something has to be done to it about every other month or so. I'd rather do the maintenance stuff myself than have to work around somebody else's schedule, deal with inevitable upselling, etc.

        That, and I actually, y'know, get it right. Protip: if the oil reaches the "full" line on the dipstick, stop adding more oil!

        1. I took my truck to an off-brand dealership here last month because no Dodge dealership here anymore, and it was $163 for an oil change. Nothing else, just an oil change. At the Dodge dealer in Nevada I bought it from, an oil change was $59. And they washed it, too. It would be financially advantageous for me to drive 220 miles there, get the oil changed, buy a mess of groceries and a tank of fuel and still be money ahead. My time is cheap.

      2. after some numbnuts at jiffy lube didn't tighten the drain plug on my prius enough, I never let anyone other than me or the kid change oil (so me 95% of the time). how I hate incompetence.

          1. I will not miss working on and/or maintaining IC engines, but after my first engine rebuild, my dad told me he thought I should be a mechanic. I once considered it for extra dough in my down and out 20s.

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