106 thoughts on “Who Will Foo’-the-Ball Gooder to Foo’-the-Ball Again?

      1. AGDQ is on this week though

        If watching something that comes around twice a year is me being an asshole then fine, call me an asshole.

        1. I hope you kick some motherfucking ass. Don't think, just do it. GO!!!

          Also, Cmdr is a bit sensitive about Vikings/Packers fanbases. (And many fanbases, really. There's a lot of FUUUCK WHY in them.)
          I'm sorry you had to experience that.

          1. regardless of whether my beloved bosox are in it, I watch the MLB playoffs because I am first and foremost a fan of baseball.

          2. AGDQ ends in like 7 hours so I'll have time to watch the two games tomorrow, at least. JAX-PIT looks especially interesting.

            I know things can get heated between the two fanbases to say the least. Browns-Bengals around here is like that and neither team has been really good for an eternity.

            Congrats on the Eagles win, by the way. I can only imagine what will happen there if the NFC championship is Eagles-Vikings.

          3. (after smokey explains everything)
            Me: "What should I write?"
            smokey: "Don't write anything! Just! Shut! Up!"


  1. Interesting NYT |story| about the family of Mike Webster.

    MOON, Pa. — When the Pittsburgh Steelers begin their march to a potential seventh Super Bowl championship on Sunday afternoon, Garrett Webster will be delivering pizza from his 14-year-old Honda Pilot.

    This might surprise fans and his customers, but Mr. Webster, the 33-year-old son of Mike Webster, the stalwart center of the Steelers’ dynasty of the 1970s, has to make ends meet. Playoff game days are especially busy.

    Mike Webster, who died in 2002, was the first N.F.L. player to receive a diagnosis of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or C.T.E., the degenerative brain disease linked to repeated head hits. His central role on those great Steelers teams, combined with his tragic decline, landmark diagnosis and long fight for disability benefits, led to hundreds of cases filed by retired N.F.L. players who said the league had hid from them the dangers of playing football.

    Yet 15 years after his death, and two years after the courts cleared the way for a settlement that would pay an estimated $1 billion to retired players, Webster’s survivors continue to struggle financially.

    1. Tweeted that shit to the NFL, Roger Goodell, and the Steelers telling them they need to make this right.

      Wish TF I believed that would happen FFS.

      1. When the Steelers had their glory years in the 70s I lived in Denver and was a Broncos fan, but I admired the working-class/rust-belt ethos of those Steelers teams, including players like Rocky Bleier, who actually got drafted out of the NFL and volunteered to go to Vietnam and earned a Bronze Star. Only |27 others among all those healthy young men| ever served, although many served in the Guard and Reserve (which in those days were a draft-dodging haven).

        So it's horrifying to see the way the owners are trying evade their responsibility. This kind of stuff is what made me a former fan. Quitting feels the way it felt to quit smoking: you don't miss it and feel liberated from your former need.

      1. Nope. I actually like Matty Ice. I usually root for him.

        Yeah, OFFENSE could have helped, sure. Team blows ass. No way SB.

        A Realistic Eagles Fan Steeped in Defense Still Hoping for a Fucking Miracle

        1. You have my understanding and support


          a lifelong Red Sox fan who can still find himself rocking back and forth when reliving certain memories.

  2. I'm happy for you Iggles fans–the leader of one of my groups roots for them.

    And JFC, I can't fucking believe the officiating in this fucking Pats-Titans game. Assuming my Steelers don't fuck up tomorrow, they'll be the NFL equivalent of Hillary battling Russian hackers & Comey next week FFS.

    1. smokey, after seeing an aerial shot of Heinz Field: "Jesus, how many rivers do y'all need? I mean, I know it's three rivers, but fuck."

      1. Thanks honey. My Twitter feed has several fans calling for our OC's head: while I understand that, IDK how much you blame a team's offense when they score 42 points and the team still loses FFS.

  3. OK sorry but one more and then I'll shut up. Years ago, like 2002 (when snow was 4) I had a roommate who had two cats, one named Dexter, the other named Doughty. Dexter was a floofy talky cat and was nicknamed Digs, for some odd reason that I never understood. But. if you yelled "Digs!" at him he would respond with a shouty "MOW!" So, fast forward a mess of years and a WR named Stefon Diggs.I told smokey about this and so whenever we watched the Vikes and Diggs made a catch we yelled DIGGS! So, imagine how loud DIGGS was yelled tonight.

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