35 thoughts on “Welcome to Life Under the Supreme Helmsman, America!

    1. The article says he went to them in their most-secure SCIF and said, "I want this." At the inaug they could dodge him on logistics. M1A2 tanks, for instance, have to be transported by rail from Fort Benning GA or a few other places quite aways away from DC. As you can see, they just barely fit.<img src="https://ogrforum.ogaugerr.com/fileSendAction/fcType/0/fcOid/33950814556240499/filePointer/33950814797629063/fodoid/33950814797629054/imageType/LARGE/inlineImage/true/dodx40399amr.jpg">They can go on low-boy trailers, but that's a transportation adventure too.

      In addition, all the soldiers, sailors and airmen will have to learn to goose-step. It's not part of the program of instruction at present.

        1. M1A2 = 70 tons. That's a lot, but it is spread across all the road wheels. However, when you put the whole thing on an old bridge….

          1. Probably heavier than any load I ever hauled. I think 60 tons was my biggest, spread out over 28 wheels. The permitting agencies take weight and dimensions into account before issuing your permit and routes are not suggestions. It's quite costly to vary from the specific route, and you're responsible for any damages caused, either on or off-route.

        1. Didja know those had nuclear warheads?

          They did; either 2 or 18 kilotons, depending on something or other I can't remember from an old co-worker who'd been a Nike battery commander at the site in Long Beach.

          1. I was vaguely aware of that, yes. I grew up with a couple of sites nearby, and they had open houses pretty frequently. Hippies notwithstanding, San Francisco has always been a rah-rah military town. Lotsa jerbs, doncha know.

    2. IIRC it had something to do with how unsafe it would be to trot out heavy military equipment on the streets of what used to be an actual swamp FFS. But we all know how much Donald respects silly geological facts, so here we are.

  1. Idea! Have the parade in tRump country, say between……..[ googles ] ………. Logan West Virginia and Pikeville Kentucky

  2. Politics stuff. One of four open seats. Others not so well. But some swing.

    Taniel‏Verified account @Taniel

    Wow: Democrats WIN Missouri's #HD97 by 3% (51.5-48.5). It's a pick-up.

    That's an absurdly large net swing of 31 percentage points toward Dems compared to the 2016 presidential results.

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