32 thoughts on “This Week in Rodentia

  1. Native to South America, nutria can reach up to 2.5 feet in body length and 20 pounds in weight.


    I doubt they'll make their way into Los Angeles but I'll keep my eyes open FFS.

      1. Yeah, old habits kicked-in when I dared to look at the comments and wanted to explain when 'open water good' and when 'open water bad'………..but caught myself .

          1. There ya go, surface-water conveyance lobby is another interest group agencies have to consider.

    1. Rather than reveal its investor’s identities by today as ordered by a federal judge, the apartment company owned by Jared Kushner intends to transfer a tenants’ lawsuit against it back to the Baltimore court where it was first filed, according to federal court filings.

      Nothing to see here, folks!


        1. There's a lot of up-zoing going on around us. And every time the dozers start flattening, we set out extra rat-traps as they start swarming for a new place.

          1. reminds me of my uncle in upstate NY, folks didn't like the snakes in the neighborhood, started killing them off, then they started complaining about the rats. Funny how that works!

            None of the snakes were poisonous. Leave them the fuck alone. Even the poisonous ones don't want to bite you. Just don't surprise them.

            Florida, on the other hand…

      1. watching that video, what the fuck is wrong with that woman? when I had indoor outdoor cats, they'd bring in anything that fit through the cat door. scales, feathers, fur…alive or dead. That's how the kittehs roll- they are obligate carnivores

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