14 thoughts on “The Dark Side of Daylight Savings Time

  1. During my career, I usually had to be at work at 0600. I saw every sunrise for 40 years, either at work or on my way to work. It was dark or nearly so by the time I got home in the winter months, too. My preference would be to stay on DST year-round, but either way, leave it the fuck alone.

  2. In the 5 years I was in Cleveland, my sister kept thinking I was on central time. She went to Hawaii for her honeymoon. Connect the dots, people!

  3. Yeah and when they tried to change it to GMT (yeah yeah, I know, UTC), everybody got mad because they've gotten used to starting dinner at 10:00 PM.

  4. yeah but with Spain isn't it the whole big lunch/siesta/late small dinner thing anyway? Granted, it's been about 40 years since I was there…I hear the siesta is dying a slow death in Spain anyway.

  5. I was there in '08 or so, and if you went to a restaurant at 8:00 you had the place to yourself.

    Italians had the siesta built into their normal workday for many years as well, but get offended if you call it that. Back when there was no air conditioning and everybody could walk home for lunch and a nap and then come back to work in the cooler part of the day, it all made sense. It's still that way in little towns.

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