8 thoughts on “Louie Pitooie Wants Everyone In FISA Jail

        1. |He| seems to want to stick his nose into everything. Dimensional Fund Advisors is a highly regarded mutual fund that would have a lot more business if its funds weren't only available through fee-based brokers.

          Does he really want Lambert?

      1. I still remember how scared I was when I landed in San Diego for the first time. Sure, it's convenient AF to have the airport so close to downtown, but Jesus fucking Christ…

        1. I lived in a house in the old Westridge neighborhood south of Marina del Rey for a year. The airport imposed eminent domain on the whole subdivision and demolished all the houses and that was that. Some grand old houses from the 20's on up to the 60's, most with an ocean view, gone. Being too close to the airport can be hazardous to your wealth.

        2. Done it so many times I don't think about it anymore. Used to be able to see my apartment and my office from the left side of the airplane.

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