18 thoughts on “Maryland Republican: “Drilling for Thee but Not for Me”

  1. But Harris, the state’s lone Republican representative in Washington, did not weigh in on the possibility of drilling off Maryland’s coast, simply saying he supported oil and gas exploration and production “if it can be done in an environmentally safe manner.”

    Spoiler: it can't, especially now that your administration buddies rescinded the deepwater drilling safety standards put in place after the BP Macondo blowout catastrophe.

    1. Do not worry he was told/if the spill should reach us/ there'll be jobs for everyone/ cleaning up the beaches

      – Mad Magazine circa 1975. Nothing changes

  2. Hah, West Virginia's got that beat by a mile. They're proposing to let companies drill for oil or mine for coal even if the owner of the "surface rights" objects. And when a citizen—okay, a woman—stood in the WV legi and read off a list of extraction industry contributions to legislators, they |dragged her away from the microphone.|

    1. yeah, saw that. Assholes. That "almost heaven" WV is getting a little further away every day. Does that state have a middle class left?

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