3 thoughts on “Terror tRump Embraces

  1. Happy Tuesday Wonkvillians…

    Allowing these hateful ideas to go unchallenged normalizes them. It brings about a creeping acceptance: even if you’re fundamentally against these notions you learn to live with them. Indeed, I was told that this is an explicit strategy by some of the leaders of these groups.

  2. I had a racist aunt who liked to say "well, isn't it better to be honest about how I feel?" when she was confronted about her hateful views. As if honesty balanced out racism FFS.

    Note my use of the term "had." I haven't communicated with her in years and ignored her last attempts to contact me (per other family members, she hasn't changed a bit so there's no reason to let her back in my life.)

    1. yep, a truthful racist is still a racist. Don't associate with racists, except to try to get them to change their point of view. If they don't, save yourself.

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