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Somebody in the White House really, REALLY likes to read classified documents

14 thoughts on “Somebody in the White House really, REALLY likes to read classified documents

  1. President Trump's son-in-law and senior White House adviser Jared Kushner has reportedly requested more intelligence information than almost every other White House official.

    The Washington Post reports that Kushner, whose portfolio encompasses issues ranging from the Middle East peace process to modernizing the federal government’s use of technology, has put in more requests for U.S. intelligence information than any White House staffer not working for the National Security Council.

    Kushner holds a Top Secret/sensitive compartmented information (SCI) security clearance, the highest level, which allows him to review some of the nation’s most closely-guarded secrets and allows him access to the presidential daily briefing, according to the Post.

    Sure hope somebody checks Jared's briefcase backpack when he goes home at night

          1. I buy the occasional roast bird from the deli section. It makes 4 meals for me, but I have to eat everything. Prefer breasts, myself.

    1. That would seem to strip Mr. Kushner, and perhaps Ivanka Trump, his wife, of their ability to participate in meetings or handle documents with secret information.

      Ah, then this is just Kelly's response to Chief of Daddy's Staff* Ivanka dropping a dime on Porter.

      *(Until she hits 40)

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