23 thoughts on “The Booming Trump Economy

        1. “I’m an iron worker, motherfucker! Who the fuck are you?”

          I would typically get 13 grams of aluminum out of each melted down soda can. It’s fun.

      1. Jesus Christ: "The so-called repatriation effort was, in large part, a misnomer, given the fact that as many as sixty percent of those sent to “home” Mexico were U.S. citizens: American-born children of Mexican-descent who had never before traveled south of the border."

        Couldn't happen now, exactly…


        Sorry for the autoplay. It's almost inescapable.

  1. Radiant Insights was crushed.

    A large percentage of whatever you point out happens to be astonishingly appropriate and it makes me ponder why I had not looked at this with this light before.

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