18 thoughts on “Tillerson Out. More “best people” in.

  1. Who's next, I wonder? I'd put money down on John Kelly, except Betsy DuVos' horrid performance on 60 Minutes might put her on the chopping block–

    –oh, who am I kidding, as long as she kisses Donald's ass she'll be fine.

    1. I'm thinking Kelly. He and Jarvanka are at odds, and family will still come first. But they could still be next!
      Betsy is about as smrt as a ficus. She's safe.
      Steve Miller is a danger to us all, so he's also safe.
      We're screwed.

  2. Dennis Mersereau Retweeted
    NWS Podunk @NWSPodunk

    17 minutes ago

    Our office is the now most stable agency in the federal government and our breakroom caught on fire twice between 8:30 and 8:36 this morning.

        1. As long as he can still fog a mirror, he'll have legitimacy on that one issue. Should he choose to accept it, anyway.

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