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Welcome to the low-tax California Republic, “Trump.” Now GTFO.

12 thoughts on “Welcome to the low-tax California Republic, “Trump.” Now GTFO.

  1. President Trump may trash California for “out of control” taxes, but it turns out the Golden State has one of the lowest effective tax rates in the United States.

    On the same day that Trump toured his border wall prototypes in San Diego, a study released Tuesday by WalletHub found that California has the eighth lowest effective tax rate at 8.77 percent. That’s less than Florida’s 8.83 percent and a little more than a percentage point higher than the 7.44 percent in legendarily low-tax Nevada.

    California does have a state income tax, but it’s not as high as many other states and property tax rates are lower than most.

        1. rilly. that was the beginning of downhill in this state, it seems.

          I'm glad we got Kid Glass through primary schooling here. Our local elementary school was great, but the middle school sucked so much that we put him in private school the rest of the way. The horror stories I've heard (terrible teachers) from one of his friends in Orinda (a rather upscale neighboring town) about their public schools shocked me. I never knew how good NJ public schools were until I came out here.

          1. La Signora_Quarantanova had a similar experience w/her kids in Carlsbad years ago. Good public elementary, bad middle.

  2. Vehicle registration fees are killing me in CA. My shit's all getting old, but it still costs a fortune to register. Other than that, and no income tax in NV, my cost of living is quite a bit higher here. I still think it was worth coming home.

    1. Go electric, dude. Uncle Sam'll give you $7500, and Jerry another $2500. Plus you can access the HOV lanes all by yourself!

        1. Give him time. Not really, he should be given no time whatsoever. But in his "heart", he'd rather give me a tax cut for my coal-rollin' diesel pickup.

  3. Work forced me to miss the protest when that asshole was here, but I have friends who went. Fuck Donald Trump with a chainsaw of taxes FFS.

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