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      1. "Then he hung up on me and talked to some guy about a ghost"

        Haha, Wikki-wakka: Universities from which he claimed to hold degrees show no record of him.

        1. If memory serves, at the time of his Art Bell interviews, Lazar was freelancing, installing surveillance systems at various backwater brothels in the Greater Las Vegas Metroplex.

          1. Old joke about the guy at the circus whose job is sweeping up after the elephants. "I hate this job," he keeps saying.

            "Why don't you quit?" a co-worker finally asks him.

            "What—and get out of show business?"

          1. Yeah, that sums it up. It's weird though the things that might limit the damage, short term anyway. Among them I count:
            T. short attention span. Bolton may want to bomb all the time, I don't think T. has that much focus. Relying on Mattis to cool it. ?
            Some of the wingiest wingers are against intervention.

          2. White House Staffer:

            "It's just like everybody wakes up every morning and does whatever is right in front of them….Oh, my God, Trump Tower is on fire. Oh, my God, they raided Michael Cohen's office.
            Oh, my God, we're going to bomb Syria…"

          3. I can imagine white house stationary with "oh my god…" pre-printed at the top of each sheet to save some time

          4. in fairness to our Dear Leader, he inherited a mess- a mess! Not like that peaches and cream Obama started with…

  1. Was trying to find an image from the old teevee series "Family Ties" where the father holds up the "Blonde on Blonde" album cover to educate the proto-yuppie son Alex. Pro tip: don't do an image search containing the string "blonde on blonde."

    1. 73.2 °F
      Feels Like 73.2 °F
      Wind from SSE
      Dew Point:
      21 °F
      Precip Rate:

      Precip Accum:
      0.00 in
      29.73 in

    2. 74 °F and feels the same
      Pressure 29.97 in
      Visibility 10 miles
      Dew Point 42 °F
      Humidity 49%
      Rainfall 0 in
      Snow Depth 0 in

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