8 thoughts on “Josh Gets to Know Michael Cohen

  1. A special relationship. Michael Cohen first appears in the press as being in Trump’s orbit by way of a 2007 New York Post article extolling the value of an investment in Trump-branded real estate. But behind the scenes, he had already ingratiated himself into the Trumpian inner circle. The condo owners at one of the Trump properties had risen up in revolt and kicked Don Jr. off the board; Cohen helped orchestrate the counter-coup (it involved “a standoff between [Trump’s] security detail and private guards hired by the disgruntled owners“) that left the family back in control, and more to the point, got Cohen, who had a law degree from Thomas Cooley (literally the lowest-rated law school in the country) and previously specialized in personal injury law, a job as special counsel for the Trump Organization. But what had prepared him to scale to such heights?

    1. I say, if Harvard isn't good enough for overly connected spoiled brats with no ethics fine, self-made men like Gates and Zuckerberg, is it good enough for anyone?

  2. Tom Waddick: While we were there they had sort of hairspray and combed it over and stuff. And he said "People don't think my hair is real, but you can all testify this is very real".

    Once the cosmetics were complete, it was time to capture the moment.

    Tom Waddick: So he said, "Everyone do the thumbs up," so we're all doing his sort of signature thumbs up around him. And I was just like "We got it."

    Not quite. A few days later, as he was preparing to publish the endorsement, Waddick received a call from Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen. The Trump campaign realized they'd been had.

    Tom Waddick: He says, you know, "I'm gonna come up to Harvard. You're all gonna get expelled. If this photo gets out you'll be outta that school faster than you know it. I can be up there tomorrow."

    Jon Wertheim: What's that like?

    Tom Waddick: I mean, it was terrifying. He asked me to send my Harvard ID so he could have my identity, my information.

    Jon Wertheim: Did you send it?

    Tom Waddick: And I sent it right away. I was so afraid that if I didn't, he might actually be crazy enough to fly up here.

    The Trump campaign never did follow up.


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