22 thoughts on “Missouri Man Challenges Florida

      1. It’s coming off the ocean here. It’s very cold. It is stripping all the blossoms off the wisteria outside my window, sandblasting its way inland.

        1. Some of my neighbors lost their apple blossoms, and hence their apple crop. For what it's worth, my apple trees didn't even blossom this year. #winning

          1. That sucks. Around here the biggest tragedy from a wind like this is that it will mess up your hair.

          2. Also, people on their phones are sometimes forced to raise their voices to be heard while walking into Pilates from their cars.

          3. Once it was so windy that no one on my block got their mail for three days because they were afraid to walk to the mailbox and have their flip-flops blow off.

          4. The main highway here was closed due to the wind a few days ago. The mail truck couldn't get through. Neither could the truck carrying the newspapers. Those oldes not connected were totally in the dark.

    1. Heh. There's a curve on the highway through Death Valley known as "hubcap". It's quite narrow and there's no shoulder. It's the highway department's responsibility to keep debris off the roadway. My boss, and later myself, would always drop off a hubcap there when we were traveling through the neighboring territory. Sometimes the hubcap would stay for weeks before someone had the guts to block the highway and get it.

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