26 thoughts on “Storm Savaged Sad Sacks Share Sic-Sacs

  1. no kidding- the only time I've faced stuff like that was from microbursts as we were landing, where they come out of nowhere and there's no way to go around. Mid flight it should be easy to avoid a storm that bad.

  2. This fucken guy…Couldn't he just go to Chick-fil-a if he thinks it's so goddamn wonderful? Or better yet, send one his SES staffers out to get something and bring it back for him?

  3. Used to fly AA all the time and often looked at the number plate in the doorj amb of the aircraft as I'd board. Often they (the MD-80s, as they used to be called, back when there was such a thing as McDonnell Douglas)) were older than any member of the crews flying them.

    America West, a miserable excuse for an airline, borrowed zillions to gobble up US Air, and then American. Not sure they've ever integrated their aircraft fleets or union seniority lists. That's why it's the worst airline in the US, except for all others. But Doug Parker made lot$ of money, so it's all good!

  4. I hate US Air, shitty planes and the fact that no matter where I am flying I have to make the 25 minute hop from Tucson to Sky Harbor, then race 2 concourses over for my connecting flight.

  5. Soon after the merger I could tell ex-American staff (extremely miserable) from ex-USAir (almost reasonable).

  6. I happened to be flying on TWA literally the day after Icahn dumped it, and it was amazing how much more cheerful the flight attendants were. This was no doubt in part because financial genius Icahn had said women don't need to earn as much as men do for doing the same work, since they have husbands–a thing that he would learn is about 95 percent untrue if he'd ever talked to any of the thousands of female flight attendants who worked for him.

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